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SFY 2024-25 Youth Development Public Education

Advocacy 101 Resources

Learn more about why advocacy is important and tips for advocating from our Advocacy 101 Training held earlier this year. Resources: 

Powerpoint 1 & Powerpoint 2

The Advocacy Process at Work

The Association of New York State Youth Bureaus is committed to advocating for our children and informing state elected officials and policy makers. Our mission to provide for the comprehensive well-being of the State’s children, youth and families, can best be accomplished when all Youth Bureaus and the individuals and organizations they represent participate actively in our advocacy efforts.

The mechanism exists in New York State for long term and adequate funding to support programs for all youth, through the Youth Bureau System. Our goal is to ensure that leaders in government, business and our citizens understand the importance of sustainability.

As we move through the new millennium our legislative priorities include:

  • Continued commitment to the development and promotion of positive youth development for all youth

  • Emphasize local-level planning and decision-making that is at the foundation of the Youth Bureau system

  • Utilize the Youth Bureau system for new and existing local and state initiatives directed at youth development during the out-of-school hours

Advocacy Handbook  Download

This Advocacy Handbook was created to be a tool to help you work with the local, state, and national elected officials. Youth Bureaus, by nature, are strong advocates for youth. They focus on positive youth development and delinquency prevention programs and services that are planned and delivered on the local level, based on local needs, and often are delivered in the critical out-of-school hours.

Who is Your Legislator?

Everyone has a  voice in our Great State, although the Association fights for you – your voice is just as important.  Be sure to be heard.  Contact your local State Senator and Assembly Member. 


To find out who your State Legislators:

NYS State Senators | NYS Assembly Members

Just enter your zip code to see who represents your home town.


Each year, the Association for NYS Youth Bureaus convenes a Legislative Day to bring together Youth Bureau directors and various leaders at the State level to discuss key talking points about Youth Development priorities in the current year State Budget.

2022: Providing Education on Statewide Youth Development System


For the Association of New York State Youth Bureaus’ annual Legislative Day, Youth Bureau Directors representing over 1.3 million youth served across NYS through county, city, town and village youth bureaus and their contracted organizations, join together to meet with various leaders at the State level.

Joined by the Association and representatives from Hinman Straub, discussions included key talking points about Youth Development priorities regarding the 2022-2023 State Budget.

The following Senate and Assembly Representatives and Legislative staff listened to the concerns and appreciation expressed on behalf of children, youth, and families:

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins,  Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi - Chair Children and Families, and staff from Senator Bailey’s office; Senate Counsel & Finance; Assembly Counsel Children & Families, and the Assembly Ways & Means.

ANYSYB info with Assemblyman Hevesi 2.8.22.JPG
ANYSYB info with Sen Stewart Cousins 2.8.22.JPG
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