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William J. Bub’s professional career spanned most aspects of youth work, from operation of recreation programs in small rural communities in his early years, to successively more responsible positions in larger cities and counties.

In 1961, Mr. Bub was appointed as the first Executive Director of the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Board where he developed the foundation for comprehensive planning of youth services. In 1973, Mr. Bub joined the former New York State Division for Youth, now known as the Office of Children & Family Services as Deputy Director. Under his leadership, the “Division” achieved extensive growth and refinement with major accomplishments in administrative organization and policy development.

Mr. Bub was also the founding president of the Association of New York State Youth Bureaus, which he was instrumental in forming at a time when the allocation of State funds to communities for youth services was threatened by Legislative cut-backs. The Association under his leadership was influential in averting the reduction of funds, and in developing legislation that ultimately provided significant increases in state aid to local municipalities. Mr. Bub passed away on July 1, 1980.

Since 1982, the Association of New York State Youth Bureaus has presented the Annual Bill Bub Award to individuals who have made outstanding and significant contributions in serving the youth of our communities.

The following list of awardees:

  • were honored as individuals for specific contributions made which have significantly impacted the lives of young people

  • were recognized for their generous investment of time in distinguished service to youth and youth programming

  • exhibited outstanding dedication to the young people of their community, typically as a front-line or hands-on youth worker

  • were individuals who have advocated for youth and services on a local, state and/or national level


1982       Robert Keeshan (Capt. Kangaroo)

1983       Thomas Goldsmith (Erie)

1984       Kenneth Andrews (Cortland)

1985       Dorothy O. Lasday (Dutchess)

1986       James E. Girzine/William H. Keller (Rensselaer)

1987       Kenneth V. Jenkins (Nassau)

1988       Gus Potter (Nassau)

1989       Thomas Harmon (Erie)

1990       Nick Lorio (Schoharie)

1991       Beulah Travis (Syracuse)

1992       Joe Petrosino (DFY/OCFS)

1993       JoAnn Smith (Gov’s Office for Human Service)

1997       Mary Haust (Broome Co)

1998       Robert Mosley (Columbia Co)

1999       William R. Steinhaus (Dutchess Co Exec)

2000       Jan Griffith (Seneca YB Director)

2001       Brian Hellner (Lutheran Brotherhood)

2002       Richard S. McCandless (Steuben Youth Gov’t)

2003       Robert Benn (Washington Co)

2004       Edna Kriner-Kirby (Volunteer Albion, NY)

2005       Patrick Burk (YB Pres Batavia)

2006       Richard Laskowski (Leadership Niagara – Niagara Co OCFS & former YB Director)

2007       Diane Morales (The Door)

2008       Kay Tefler (Cornell Cooperative Ext-Broome Co)

2009       Cheryl & David Vermilya (Camilus Youth)

2010       Angela Zimmerman (Nassau County)

2011       Colleen Clancey (Catskill, NY)

2012       Virginia Donahue (On Point for College Hannibal, NY)

2013       Sandi Brundage (City of Salamanca YB)

2014       Kathy Mubarek-Miller (Amherst, NY)

2015       Frank Williams Jr. (City of White Plains YB)

2016       Toni’Lyn Brauchle (Town of Cicero YB)

2017       Oscar Vergara

2018       Dr. DaMia Harris-Madden (Westchester County YB)

2019       Nichole Dayka (Hamburg YB)


Polly’s professional career demonstrated a diverse and comprehensive background in the fields of youth and human services. In her early years, she was very active in school district programs and held the positions of Administrator of Employment and Training, Youth Bureau Director, Human Service Contract Administrator and Commissioner of Social and Human Services for Chemung County.


In 1977, Polly was appointed as the first Executive Director of the Chemung County Youth Bureau. This was one of the very first Youth Bureaus in the Southern Tier of New York State. During her 12-year tenure as Youth Bureau Director, Polly was a very active member of the Association of NYS Youth Bureaus and held the position of president.

In 1993, Polly was appointed as Commissioner of Social Services for Chemung County. In 2000 she was appointed as Commissioner of Human Services. As Commissioner, she utilized this opportunity to strongly advocate and utilize the services and expertise of the Youth Bureau to meet the needs of youth, family services and comprehensive planning for the County.

Polly was known for always demonstrating a very creative, unique and collaborative approach in meeting the needs of youth and families. She continually and actively expressed her concerns for others. When it came time for “helping”, Polly willingly extended her hand and mind.

Polly passed away very unexpectedly on May 9, 2001. Beginning in 2002, the Association of NYS Youth Bureaus presented the First Annual Pauline Sanders Award. The recipient to be an Administrator in the Youth and Human Services field in New York State that has demonstrated creative “out of the box” thinking in the planning and delivery of services to youth and families. The individual must have strongly advocated for and utilized the Youth Bureau system in the delivery of services to youth and families.

The following list of awardees:

  • were a past or present Administrator in the Youth and Human Services Field

  • were Administrators who has strongly advocated for and clearly demonstrated the use of Youth Bureaus and the Youth Bureau system in delivering youth and family services

  • were Administrators who have demonstrated leadership in creatively meeting the human service needs of youth and families


2002       Anne M. Irvin (Nassau YB Director)

2003       Thomas Williams (Town of Brookhaven)

2004       Jeanne B. Mullgrav (Comm-NYS Dept. of Youth & Com)

2005       Priscilla B. Andrews (Retired NYS OCFS)

2006       Debbie Kerr-Rosenbeck (Genesee/Orleans YB Dir)

2007       David R. Jones (Community Service Society)

2008       Denise Dyer (OCFS-Regional Youth Dept. Coordinator)

2009       Joseph Bachovchin (Amherst Youth Board-Children’s Part)

2010       Robert D’Agostino (OCFS retired)

2011       Kathy Fenlon (Oswego)

2012       Carol Chichester (Orange County)

2013       Joseph Proietti (OCFS retired)

2014       Virginia Harrington (Jefferson County YB Director-retired)

2015       Meghan Lutz (Niagara County YB)

2016       Jocelyn Sikorski (Genesee-Orleans & City of Batavia Youth Bureaus)

2017       Michael Gray (Washington County Alternative Sentencing/ Youth Bureau)

2018       John Trojanowsky (Town of Lancaster YB)

2019       Janice Johnson (Tompkins County)

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